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Outlook Sync Fix for Mac Users and Unveils Customer Manager
29.11.2016 15:25

1. Microsoft Rolled Out a Fix to Resolve Outlook Connection Problems

For the last couple of weeks, Outlook users have been complaining of having big issues with the usage of Outlook email. Keeping the same in mind Microsoft decided to take an initiative and let Outlook® users take a sigh of relief by releasing a fix in order to handle email issues. The new fix is a great way to overcome all sorts of Outlook connection problems faced by users and it will also let them know why this issue occurred. As per reports and customers inconvenience considering email syncing, there is a mystery bug that stops Outlook.com users from accessing or syncing their accounts with the help of apps and smart phones. It was clearly associated with the logging the issue. That is why Microsoft unveiled the fix in order to resolve connection problems faced by Outlook users.

Redmond, Washington-based technology giant Microsoft Corp said about the issue on its Office 365 status page, “"We've completed the fix and are deploying it throughout the affected environment. While the fix is being deployed, some users may begin to access and synchronize their Outlook.com accounts while using applications or mobile devices." The chaotic issue means that Outlook users can’t sync their accounts with mobile devices…Read more at http://intelliatlasoutlookhelpandsupport.blogspot.in/2016/11/microsoft-rolled-out-fix-to-resolve.html

Microsoft Unveils Outlook Customer Manager for Business Relationship


Redmond, Washington-based technology giant Microsoft Outlook® Corp extended its reach to a new segment where business enterprises make healthy and commercial relations with their targeted audience. Now the company has unveiled its Outlook Customer Manager for the same. Outlook Customer Manager is simply a new product in the market that has been ideally designed by the company to assist companies keep track of relationships with both existing customers and potential customers. The benefits and perks of the new device or software program from Microsoft can be enjoyed by the business world with the latest version of Outlook. Interestingly, companies will get this device free of cost.

As Outlook Customer Manager is out in the market and will be available for all potential users, it is probable that users of the device find it hard to use and bring the best out of it when it is in use. It may make users face some unexpected issues any time. So the best thing is to understand every aspect of the device before using it as it is directly associated with business relationship with customers. If users face any sort of inconsistency in using the device for any reason, the best thing they can do is to call Microsoft technical support number for online help or visit Outlook customer service official site for more information on Outlook customer manager…Read more at http://microsoftoutlooksupportnumber.weebly.com/blog/microsoft-unveils-outlook-customer-manager-for-business-relationship

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