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For a compromise regarding the interaction and giving away or distributing the online information by the users, Microsoft transformed Hotmail into Microsoft Outlook. Now, this new Outlook mail makes use of tiles in a similar way like the Windows 8 live tiles. There is an easy interface associated with Outlook mail and has become easy for the users to do the mail tasks through sites of social networking like Twitter or Facebook.  For the business enterprises, this mail is relevant.

The Integration

By the help of new Outlook, it has become possible to integrate the social networks and mails in single portal. By this, it has opened the way for the users to distribute files in OneDrive Cloud Service.

For commencing the use of Outlook, you can type www.outlook.com on the browser you like. It shall give you the direction for the New Outlook page asking you to log in with any of the accounts you possess. You can make a sign in with the help of live ID or hotmail account and if the b0072owser is not updated, Microsoft shall tell you for the installation of genuine updates. For the installation, you can also take  Microsoft Outlook Support USA as well. After going through all this process, you shall be moved directly to new Outlook account.

Remember, the home page is the main page even now. You have got the choice to shift to the other pages for calendar, social networking or storage.  On the page to right, you have the choice to change the multiple settings of Outlook page and can approach the Skype as well.

Microsoft Outlook- Four Tiles inside it

The four tiles associated with the new Microsoft Outlook are Mail, people, calendar and OneDrive apart from the office apps. If you are interested in operating the mail service in synchronization with Windows 8, Microsoft imports new features of the new operating system into Outlook. Among these are the tiles in the Windows phone and also on the operating system Windows 8.  Microsoft Outlook Online Tech Service Support provides the guidance and the knowledge if required in this area.

Apart from the above mentioned tiles that are integrated with Outlook; other tiles are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Sway and Office Online.  If you want to approach these files, you can tap on the symbol named Microsoft Apps located on the corner at the top left of page. You can view the tiles that were mentioned before. Select the file of your interest and tap it.

Outlook mail tile

This tile looks like Windows 8 lookalike mail tile and provides the genuine mail functionalities. This acts as the homepage because it is both the receiver and host of every mail service associated.

Although the new Outlook mail resembles the old email service but it is light, fast and good. There is a plus symbol before the option New and is on the tool bar top for creating the mail. Mails and files are in two menus- Folders and Quick Views.  Microsoft Outlook Technical Phone Support Number is in general a ready option to remove any doubt or confusion.

Outlook People Tile

 People Tile is also called as the Microsoft client concept incorporating the social networking activities into the new Outlook. You can integrate almost all the social network platforms in this tile. By the help of this feature, you can get the profile details of friends in the social networks. You can post on the Facebook wall. The important thing is there is no need to exit Outlook for accessing the social media websites. Everything is done within Microsoft Outlook. http://www.outlookhelp.support

Calendar Tile

For the planned week, you need the Hotmail calendar or can make use of it for the lifetime. You have the option to integrate it with the social networking site like Facebook. By this type of option, you can handle the day to day agenda and assignment in a genuine way and keeps you ahead of others.

OneDrive tile

In the OneDrive tile, there is lot of activity available. OneDrive is the reply of Microsoft to the online storage and the cloud services. Various tech companies in the international market treat these options with high potential as far as the growth is concerned. In one drive, you get the free cloud storage between 5 GB to 25 GB. For the additional storage, one can contact Microsoft or ask Outlook support from an online expert. http://www.outlookhelp.support/outlook-support-phone-number

In the OneDrive, you can make use of the Microsoft Office Online cloud services.  In the Office Web apps, you have the collection of four office based web applications and these are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Sway apps.  These can do the online office works. No doubt, the benefits of Microsoft Outlook are enormous and no doubt about it.

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